MetaModelAgent v4.1.0 Released

This release includes several new features and bug fixes

The following new features have been added:

  • Brand new Trace Matrix view which enables a comprehensive overview of relationships.
  • Simplified addition of relationships by selecting the source and target and bringing up the Add-menu.
  • “Link to selection”-button added to the MMA Problem View, MMA Property Table View and the new MMA Trace Matrix View which makes it simpler to populate the views based on selection.
  • Selectable search scope in item selection dialog which improves the performance for large models.
  • New unique icons for each MMA view which makes it easier to identify each view.
  • Icons added to several context menu entries.
  • Support for editing multi-line text for slot values and attribute default values.
  • Background color instead of icons indicating problems in MMA Property Table view.
  • Support for profile modeling. The General UML Modeling guidelines metamodel have been extended to support profile modeling.

The following problems have been solved in v4.1.0 (build 002) Release:

MMA-1096 The metamodeling manual invalidly list "swimlane" as a stereotype, should be "lifeline"  
MMA-1099 Profiles are not applied to models being created Papyrus Only
MMA-1100 Profiles within the workspace are not applied to model being created RSA Only
MMA-1101 Change wizard does not respect PermitAll  
MMA-1102 Exception are thrown if creating a new model using MMA that requires profile applications  
MMA-1106 Constraints in diagrams gives validation error  
MMA-1118 Stereotype properties cannot be set for elements in the create new model wizard  
MMA-1122 Constraint cannot be created within an Extend-relationship RSA Only
MMA-1123 Properties cannot be created within Protocols using the general metamodel RSA RTE Only
MMA-1124 Nested item wizard pages are not available in Create New Model Wizard  
MMA-1125 If automatic activation is turned on, models being created with the New Model Wizard will be invalidly activated towards built-in general guidelines  
MMA-1130 Drawing Relationships is not prohibit by preference setting Papyrus Only
MMA-1131 Prohibited elements are still created in diagram even if they are based on preference setting is not allowed in the model Papyrus Only
MMA-1133 If a model is imported to several opened models, it will be several occurrences in the element selection dialog Papyrus Only
MMA-1138 Stereotype selection dialog in Add-wizard does not work if activation is made on a lower model level than the profile applications  
MMA-1139 Copy paste using context menu with mouse does not update problem indicator in Property View and Add Wizard  
MMA-1146 Property Table View throws exceptions if there is unavailable stereotype defined properties  
MMA-1148 MMA Property Table View is not cleared when model is inactivated  
MMA-1151 Parent column may be duplicated in Property Table View if metamodel contains "parent"-named meta-class references  
MMA-1154 Stereotype icons may get black background in web published results  
MMA-1158 Metamodel errors not reported when activating a model or creating a new model  
MMA-1163 Elements are presented as invalid in published models, even though permitAll is set in the metamodel  
MMA-1169 Guided add wizard does not create any element if initiated from the context menu of the diagram canvas  
MMA-1170 Enumeration value selection popup-dialog on Linux does not change the literal value is some situations  
MMA-1172 Role labels on the role selection page are switched in the Association Change Wizard  
MMA-1174 Hiding of fixed property values should be respected in MMA Property Table View  
MMA-1188 Classifier could not be set for instance specifications after creation  
MMA-1189 Exception thrown when auto activating a new model based on a template Papyrus Only
MMA-1193 Public visibility specific icons are displayed for unspecified attribute and operation metaclasses