MetaModelAgent v4.1.2 Released

This release includes some minor additions and several bug fixes. The Papyrus edition supports Papyrus UML v1.1 (Mars release).

The following new features and improvements have been added:

  • Improved support for adding and editing associations.
  • Improved headless validation and API-based validation.
  • Support for SysML-specific diagrams (Papyrus only).
  • Improved behavior of the MMA addition to the diagram palette.
  • Support for diagram documentation in Papyrus.

The following problems have been solved in v4.1.2 (build 003) Release:


MMA-1081 Parent and Self references may be exposed in the property widgets in MMA Change Wizard  
MMA-1268 Change Wizard does not get opened for identified elements with errors when preference setting is always  
MMA-1286 Problems related to Multi-item valued properties do not get presented in Problem View  
MMA-1287 Batch validation will not be completed if there are problems in unnamed connectors or communication paths to be reported  
MMA-1294 Unidentified inherited features may throw exception in model validation  
MMA-1295 Moving an element outside the activation scope throws exception if change wizard preference is set to other then "never"  
MMA-1301 Profile diagrams does not allows Data Types in General UML Guidelines Papyrus only
MMA-1303 Relationships created by selecting source and target and use the MMA Add Wizard are not displayed in the diagram Papyrus only
MMA-1305 Elements cannot be added to SysML diagrams by using MMA UI Papyrus only
MMA-1306 Target element gets unidentified when adding a dependency from a package by selecting source and target and using the MMA Add Wizard Papyrus only
MMA-1307 Two item selection for bringing up MMA context menu items does not work properly in Papyrus Papyrus only
MMA-1310 The first comment owned by an element is invalidly regarded as documentaion, even if the annotated element property is not set to the owner of the comment  
MMA-1313 Exception is thrown from Problem View when shutting down the workbench Papyrus only
MMA-1314 Stereotype property cannot be set in Property Table View using the stereotype selection dialog  
MMA-1317 "No more handles" exception is thrown from MMA Property View when tabs are selected for Comments in standard property view Papyrus only
MMA-1321 Bringing up the context menu for a diagram canvas invalidly sets the owning element as context Papyrus only
MMA-1322 Stylesheet used in Guidance view displays hyperlinks in lager font size than ordinare text  
MMA-1323 Documentation in metamodel containing HTML-tags with attributes only are not recognized as HTML  
MMA-1327 Behavior diagrams are not valid in structured classifiers according to General UML Guidelines Papyrus only
MMA-1329 MMA Diagram palette disappear when a presented element is deleted from the model  
MMA-1354 MMA Palette extension is still available after MMA has been inactivated  
MMA-1357 An exception is thrown when entering a single "-character as default value or slot value  
MMA-1358 Some slot values and property default values are not represented in the model an RSA-consistent way RSA only
MMA-1359 MMA validation does not threat LiteralNull as being an empty value  
MMA-1363 Associations cannot be selected in item selection dialog even if they are allowed according a metamodel  
MMA-1373 Current activation is not completly erased when reactivating using the MMA Activation tool button  
MMA-1376 Automatically created connector ends are reported as unknown if connector´s metaclass is set as permitAll  
MMA-1379 MMA Console does not report activation when invoked by Problem View refresh or MMA tool in toolbar  
MMA-1383 Required stereotypes are listed twice and decorated as a problem in MMA Add Wizard  
MMA-1388 Null values added for attribute default values set to "" and """" when using MMA Add wizard and Property View  
MMA-1393 Stereotype icons are not published in Modeling guidelines when "Publish Guidelines" is selected  
MMA-1398 Tool-specific MMA plugin may in some situations not start, making use of MMA UI impossible RSA only
MMA-1401 Exception is thrown when using the New Model wizard  
MMA-1403 Some kind of actions are not supported correctly in General UML Modeling Guidelines  
MMA-1404 Interaction Overview Diagram and Timing Diagram cannot be created using the MMA Add Wizard RSA only
MMA-1405 Pseudo States cannot be created within a State Machine using MMA Add Wizard  
MMA-1406 Collaboration Use cannot be created within a Component using the MMA Add Wizard  
MMA-1407 Parameters cannot be created within a Reception using the MMA Add Wizard  
MMA-1408 Nested Structured Activity Nodes cannot be created using the MMA Add Wizard  
MMA-1409 Generalizations between Components could not be created using the MMA Add Wizard  
MMA-1410 Some nested Actions and grouping items within an Activity is not identified by MMA, due to changes in UML2 2.5 Papyrus only
MMA-1411 Profile diagrams cannot be created using the MMA Add WIzard Papyrus only