Requirements Management

To run a development effectively, you need to avoid sub-optimal features in your offering and all tasks must support the delivery of your products. You also need to stay competitive, know if you have the priorities right and where and how to improve.


Adocus assist you in optimizing your organization

We at Adocus have more than 20 years experience in Requirements Management methods and tools. Our experience span almost all buinesses, like product development in consumer electronics and medicine technology, from banking and its IT development.
We offer you assessment and benchmarking, propose improvements for your methods and tools and act as a mentor for your champions.


Assess, Configure and Deploy, lightweight and agile

We offer an assessment instrument, benchmarking the current requirements management practices in your organization. Provides a gap analysis , identifying potential gaps and arrives at a recommended setup of requirements process and tool-set . Deliver a tool deployment plan including installation, end-user and super-user training.


Requirements management for the construction industry

We adapt your requirements and control tools to the need and processes common in the construction industries. To the adapted back-end there is a tailored front-end. It is task specific in order to be obvious in its use. One specific task is specifying and documenting controls and inspections, another is dispatching work items to a mobile work force.
The front-end with the adapted back-end makes it possible to report the status and result of an inspection on site and in real time. Removing both an administrative overhead as well as an uncertainty on what the control should cover and why it should be done.


Regulatory bodies require an organization to be able to demonstrate how the organization interprets and complies with regulations.

It can be a tedious and time-consuming effort to demonstrate compliance. We have found that information is often spread across the organization in various representations. In addition, to extract and consolidate relevant information is a manual and challenging effort. By combining our skills in requirements management, visual modeling and development intelligence, we can assist you in finding how to improve your ability to demonstrate compliance.