Develop your team and its skills. We tailor trainings to your need.

We offer a set of trainings for the early stages in development. They include areas of processes, requirements capture and management, modeling, reporting and operational risk management.

There are no scheduled classes. We tailor the training to your need and using your work and enviroment as a basis for the training setup and examples. We avoid classes with one-way communication and prefer smaller groups, where it is easier to encourage interaction, and reflections on how the best fit with your current task looks like.

Teams come with different abilities, talents and skills, they differ between teams and they differ between individuals in a team. Learning styles differ and while one person prefer to know the theory first, before exploring the task with an example. Another person may be more action oriented and jump head first into the example and refer to help and theory when a problem arises. We interleave theory and hands-on examples, encourage activities and the sharing of experiences.