MetaModelAgent v4.3.0 Released

Unique model analysis capabilities added

MetaModelAgent v4.3.0 is now released.

The new release adds two new unique views to IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA) and open-source Eclipse Papyrus that provide extensive model analysis capabilities:

  • The Trace Tree View makes it possible to analyze chains of relationships to an infinite depth and in both forward and backward directions. What-if analysis can easily be perfomed, unwanted relationships can easily be found as well as occurrences of circular relationships.
  • The Chart View makes it possible to visualize several aspects of your model in graphical bar charts and scatter charts. Bar charts can display overviews of property value distribution, relationship complexity and nesting complexity, but also distribution of violations against your modeling rules. Scatter charts can display complexity of incoming an outgoing relationships chains. 

MetaModelAgent 4.3.0 supports

  • IBM Rational Software Architect (Designer) v8.0 and later including RSA RTE
  • Eclipse Papyrus 2.0.x (Neon)
  • Eclipse Papyrus 3.x (Oxygen) including Papyrus RT

For free download and installation in your running RSA or Papyrus environment, use the Eclipse update site:


When MetaModelAgent have been installed you will be able to register for an evaluation license, request a limited FREE license or purchase your own license.