MetaModelAgent v4.2.0 Released

Totally redesigned web publisher with lots of new astonishing features that will let anyone browse your models in a web browser.

Enjoy the latest release of MetaModelAgent!

  • Multi-select support. Several models can be activated and published in a single operation.
    This make it easy to work in a multi-model environment.
  • [Papyrus only] Rich-text documentation support. Rich-text editors are available in MMA wizards and views for editing element documentation, e.g. nested comments.
    MetaModelAgent acts compliant to the Papyrus rich-text preference setting.
  • [Papyrus only] Support for customized diagrams. Support for validating and adding diagrams that have been customized by using the Papyrus DSML extension mechanism.
    This will make MetaModelAgent useful even if you have your own extended diagrams.
  • Support for additional interaction elements. The following interaction elements are now fully supported: Gate, Interaction Use, Combined Fragment.
    This will make it possible to set up and validate very detailed and precise rules around your interaction modeling.
  • Extensive item guidelines in the MMA Guidance View. The same kind of extensive easy-to-read guidelines that are available when publishing guidelines are now available in the Guidance View as well.
  • Totally redesigned and improved MMA Model Publisher. New modern design and a lot of new cross-reference capabilities as well as new search facilities.
    The web publishing feature will make it possible for anyone to view and analyze your models in a very user-friendly layout.

For more info of new features and bug fixes, see the MetaModelAgent website.

For free download, use the Eclipse update site:


When MetaModelAgent have been installed you will be able to register for an evaluation license or request a limited FREE license.