MetaModelAgent v4.1.1 Released

This release includes several bug fixes and a new meta-model validation feature.

The following new features have been added:

  • Brand new Meta-model validation feature that analyzes a metamodel to find ambiguties and other more conflicts that may be difficult to find otherwise.

The following problems have been solved in v4.1.1 (build 004) Release:

MMA-346 Wrong icon for unspecified Control Nodes  
MMA-488 Problems are not removed when fragments are unloaded RSA only  
MMA-574 Subclasses to Class invalidly accepted as meta-classes in the metamodel  
MMA-671 Create model wizard tries to apply the RTE profile when using the General UML modeling Guidelines  
MMA-703 Change Wizard opens when making a diagram a default diagram  
MMA-939 Shape image instead of icon image are used in MMA UI if shape is defined before icon in the profile RSA only
MMA-972 Incorrect user defined property definitions are not detected  
MMA-1017 Enumerations are not written in print out version of web published guidelines  
MMA-1020 Invalid defining features are presented in the Add-wizard  
MMA-1083 Change suppression in metamodel prohibits elements creation if change wizard setting is enabled  
MMA-1153 Moving elements to invalid positions between model files using drag and drop throws exception if MMA Change Agent is activated  
MMA-1190 Linux only: Page Buttons in Trace Matrix View does not show the page number properly  
MMA-1201 MMA Problem View stops working if an element for which MMA is not activated is selected after "Link to selection" has been chosen  
MMA-1204 Selecting a problem in Problem View does not update the Guidance View correctly Papyrus only
MMA-1207 MMA Property Table View stops working if an element for which MMA is not activated is selected after "Link to selection" has been chosen?  
MMA-1210 Constraints not allowed in stereotypes when using General UML Guidelines  
MMA-1211 Generalization is mandatory between stereotypes when using General Modeling Guidelines in Papyrus Papyrus only
MMA-1212 Profile diagrams is not supported in General UML Guidelines Papyrus only
MMA-1214 Stereotype selection dialog invoked from Property Table View does not respect mandatory stereotypes  
MMA-1216 Stereotype selection dialog in Add-wizard does not get populated with applicable stereotypes  
MMA-1219 Stereotypes cannot be applied in MMA Add Wizard if the metamodel allows any stereotypes and the profile is applied on a non-root element  
MMA-1222 @OTHER keyword in combination with an enumeration in a stereotype property definition is not respected  
MMA-1226 MMA considers some non-inheritable elements to be inherited and vice versa  
MMA-1227 Spelling error in Activity Diagram guidance in General UML Duidelines  
MMA-1228 General UML Guidelines does not allow generalization between some classifiers and between heterogenous classifiers  
MMA-1232 Item Selection Dialog: Unloaded model libraries will not match a metaclass if fileName rule is not defined Papyrus  
MMA-1233 Moving elements by drag and drop in explorer view are invalidly presented as element additions in Change Agent dialog  
MMA-1235 Elements added by MMA Add wizard or modified by Change Wizard are not detected by Change Agent when moving them in model explorer  
MMA-1236 Updates of the Problem View may fail based on UI thread synchronization problem  
MMA-1239 Loaded model resources appear twice in Item Selection Dialog  
MMA-1245 Metamodel errors remains in Problem View after inactivation  
MMA-1249 The meta-metamodel does not allow aggregation priority number higher than 9  
MMA-1259 Editing dataclass property of RT Protocol events does not update the problem view  
MMA-1264 Fixing a property value problem on an element holding an activation unidentifies the element  
MMA-1267 Adding behavior diagrams using the RSA UI to non-behavior elements brings up the Invalid Modification dialog RSA only
MMA-1270 Elements matching metaclasses with suppressChange operation cannot be added using standard UI if Change Agent is set to Always  
MMA-1271 Metametamodel does not support explicit Parent-rules separated from compositions  
MMA-1277 Protocols added using RSA RTE UI is reported as an error by MMA RSA only