Introduction to IBM Rational Software Architect

An introduction on how to use IBM Rational Software Architect for general UML-modeling.

Format: Classroom training
Language: English or Swedish
Audience: Anyone that will be using IBM Rational Software Architect for UML-modeling
Prerequisites: Common knowledge in Unified Modeling Language (UML).


  • Introduction, what is IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA)
  • The main concepts of Eclipse and RSA
    • The User interface
    • Workspace, Projects and models
  • Basic modeling in RSA
    • Using the diagram editor
    • Understanding the project explorer
    • Editing a model using the property view
  • Structure modeling in RSA
    • Use-Case modeling
    • Class modeling
    • Component, artifact and deployment modeling
  • Behavior modeling in RSA
    • Activity and statechart modeling
    • Interaction modeling
  • Useful functionality in RSA
    • Model search & navigation
    • Refactoring and autolayouting
    • Publishing a model
  • Working in teams
    • Model file management
    • Configuration management of models
    • Compare and merge