ArchiMate® Add-in for Papyrus

Perform enterprise architecture modeling with the ArchiMate notation in Papyrus models.

The ArchiMate add-in is an open-source initiative founded by Adocus within the Papyrus Industry Consortium. The add-in enables you to model enterprise architecture models based upon the well recognized and popular ArchiMate® 2.1 notation by The Open Group.

The ArchiMate notation offers strategic modeling with motivation for the planned architecture initiative, identification of affected architectures such as business architecture, application architecture and technical architecture. ArchiMate does also support modeling of the implementation and migration between the current architecture state (plateau) to the next.

Key Features

  • Support for ArchiMate 2.1 in Papyrus 2.0.0
  • Presentation of both rectangular and symbol presentation of ArchiMate elements
  • Palettes (toolboxes) for accelerated modeling
  • Possibility for mixing ArchiMate and UML models to establish traceability between strategic and realization models
  • Model templates, one for a clean/empty model offering structure and one model with the ArchiSurance example from The Open Group
  • Graphic support for differentiation of the different extensions/layers in ArchiMate
  • Help pages


Diagram: Workspace with palette for a motivation diagram



ArchiMate is a registered trademark by The Open Group.


  • Technical details
  • Downloads
  • Screen shots

Environment requirements

  • Any operating system that supports Java
  • Eclipse Neon original version or later
  • Papyrus 2.0.0 or later

Notation support

  • ArchiMate® 2.1

Access information

ArchiMate to UML mapping whitepaper

Image: The different palettes

Image: Roles and drivers, symbol presentation


Image: Goals and principles to achieve the goals, symbol presentation


Image: Functional view, rectangular presentation

Image: Organization view, rectangular presentation


 Image: Business processes, symbol presentation


Image: Business objects, rectangular presentation


Image: Applications, rectangular presentation


Image: Data object view, rectangular presentation



Image: Infrastructure landscape, rectangular presentation


Image: Implementation and migration, symbol presentation