Rational Software Architect

Simplify architectural modeling with an integrated design and development platform

IBM® Rational® Software Architect is a comprehensive design, modeling and development tool for end-to-end software delivery. It uses the Unified Modeling Language (UML) for designing enterprise Java® applications and web services. Rational Software Architect is built on the Eclipse open-source software framework and is extensible with a variety of Eclipse plugins. You can also enhance functionality for your specific requirements with separately purchased Rational extensions.

Rational Software Architect helps you maintain better control of architecture and delivery outcomes with these benefits:

  • UML-based modeling support and model-driven development (MDD) tools help streamline the creation of Java and Web 2.0 applications and services. 
  • Powerful tools and process guidance help reduce complexity and support higher quality and efficiency.
  • Access to cloud services enables you to take advantage of scalable infrastructure services.
  • A flexible, extensible platform helps you deliver high-quality software with faster return on investment (ROI).

UML-based modeling support streamlines development

Visual modeling and editing tools help improve productivity and accelerate development with ease-of-use features.
The intuitive sketching capability allows architects to easily convert graphical models into polished presentations. This helps ensure communication and feedback from stakeholders.
Included design patterns help you quickly build UML models. Existing models can be decomposed and independently versioned for reuse as architectural building blocks.
Easy roundtrip engineering and synchronization of models and code can increase efficiency and accuracy.

Powerful tools and process guidance provides consistency

Take advantage of the patterns analysis engine for patterns-based engineering.
Increase productivity with architectural analysis, review and metrics tools.
Understand requirements better so you can manage risk, quality and change more effectively.
Improve design solutions with the process advisor feature.

Access to cloud services adds scalability

Gain access to cloud services with the Cloud Client console.
Connect to the IBM Compute Cloud environment to discover, provision, activate and relinquish cloud resources.

A flexible, extensible platform enhances ROI

Offers a set of optional extensions that enhance Rational Software Architect with capabilities for collaboration, simulation, deployment modeling, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and the use of an integrated architectural framework.
Provides requirements integration and end-to-end traceability for better lifecycle management.
Integrates with several IBM product lifecycle management solutions such as Rational Team Concert™, Rational Asset Manager and Rational Requirements Management.
Includes support for Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) for tighter integration with IBM WebSphere® Business Modeler.

  • Technical details

The following is a minimum list of requirements. Please refer to the detailed requirements for Rational Software Architect page for more information.

Windows, Linux Windows
On all supported service packs

On all supported service packs and updates.
Display: 1024 x 768 minimum; 1280 X 1024 recommended
Memory: 1GB RAM minimum; 2GB RAM or more recommended
Processor: Intel® Pentium® III 800 MHz or higher recommended