Open source modeling tool environment

Papyrus is an open source modeling environment based on Eclipse platform with built-in support for UML, SysML and DSML-customizations.

Papyrus makes it very cost efficient to introduce and use UML, SysML or a DSML within an organization.

Papyrus supports UML® and SysML® standard as defined by OMG® and provides a modeling tool platform that is highly customizable to your own needs.

Adocus can help you to introduce and configure Papyrus for your own organization, as well as develop extensions and integrations to your existent development tool-chain.

More information about Papyrus and can be found on the Papyrus web site.

Download and Install

To download and install the latest release of Papyrus:

  • Make sure that you have Java Runtime Environment 1.8 (JRE 1.8) pre-installed.
  • Goto the Papyrus download page, and download the 32bit or 64 bit version of Papyrus for your Windows, Linux or IOS platform.
  • Downloads

UML-based ArchiMate in Papyrus2016-09-14 00:00:00 Adocus talk about ArchiMate extension for Papyrus at Ericsson Modeling Conference 2016.